Welcome to the VIFL

                                                              The Vancouver Island Futsal League provides opportunities for players of all levels to play 5 on 5 indoor futsal. The VIFL has operated out of Pearkes Arena in Victoria, BC since 2010 and has hosted over 1250 players.

                                                              The VIFL is proud to offer mens, womens and coed leagues for players in the Fall, Winter and Spring. We also host tournaments throughout the season.


                                                              2021 Fall Coed Season :  Sept 20th-- Dec 6th

                                                              Monday nights at Pearkes between 8:30-10:30 pm

                                                              Early Bird Registration for teams is $850 if paid before Sept 10th, $950 after

                                                              Individual Registrations are $115 if before Sept 10th, or $130 after

                                                              Contact us now to reserve your spot at


                                                              Westhills Logo W.jpg


                                                              We are pleased to announce that Westhills has become our 2019 VIFL corporate sponsor.  This will help us improve the league in a number of ways and we welcome their support.

                                                              Located in Langford and encompassing over 500 acres, Westhills is a master planned project with an emphasis on providing a complete community that includes a wide range of housing types, businesses, and recreational facilities.  Westhills Stadium will also be the home of Greater Victoria's new Canadian Premier League team: Pacific FC.


                                                              Congrats to Bubs Your Uncle on winning their 4th VIFL Championship with a 12-7 win over Baes United




                                                              2016 Spring League Champions -- "The Blacks"  beat the 5 time champions Power Rangers 6-5 in the Final





                                                              2016 Spring Playoffs


                                                              블랙잭 게임 무료


                                                              2014 Spring League Champs "Filthy Feet"  8-6 win over Embody Life 

                                                              filthy feet spring coed champs.JPG


                                                              Fall 2013 Coed Finals 

                                                              Play Fair, Have Fun win final 7-5 over Embody Life

                                                              2013 fall coed vifl champs.jpeg

                                                              1st half highlights

                                                              2nd half highlights


                                                              Spring 2013 Coed Champs

                                                              "Power Rangers"



                                                              Spring 2013 Mens Champs

                                                              "Wsanec Nation"




                                                              Fall 2012 Champs 

                                                              "Play Fair, Have Fun"

                                                              -- Anthony Estey, Paddy Nelson, Joel Gomez, Marianos Carece, Jesse Wiebe, Onat Yazir, Fiona Lawson, Joni Phillips 

                                                              fall 2012 champs


                                                              Spring 2012 Coed Champions

                                                              "The Power Rangers"




                                                              Times Colonist Logo
                                                              There was some good news for soccer enthusiasts this week, particular those with a European background.

                                                              A group in Victoria will be starting up the Vancouver Island Futsal League this fall. The league hopes to have four divisions - men's competitive, men's recreational, women's and co-ed. All the games will be played at Pearkes Arena.

                                                              Futsal is an indoor version of soccer played in a gym, using the lines and a smaller ball that is designed to bounce less than a normal ball.

                                                              For more information, or to register, call league president Steph Steiner at 250-893-4625.


                                                              Read more:









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